Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sampling wrap-up!

Wrapping up sampling in the shambas

Orb weaver - one of many beautiful specimens around sampling sites!

We finished up our sampling of shamba habitat this week, collecting from two more farms on the eastern side of the Gede National Monument. Some anxiety during our last 24hrs of sampling, as the farm in which we set up was full of goats - some of whom seemed to be eyeing our malaise tents with a lean and hungry look (see photo below). Luckily all of our traps survived the night intact - concluding 27 plot samples over the course of the past several weeks. We celebrated with an overnight trip to nearby Tsavo East National Monument and some rugby viewing this weekend - Monday we'll do some gps mapping in the Gede ruins, and then prepare for our long journey back to the U.S.!

The goat menace!

Sunset over Tsavo East National Park, east of Gede research site
Staple foods at Mwamba (ugali and sukuma wiki - delish!)

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