Monday, September 8, 2014

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Spending a month in Uppsala, Sweden working with colleagues in the Department of Ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, or SLU) as a Guest Researcher in the August T. Larsson Guest Researcher program. Over the next three years I'll be working with the Ecosystem Services and Conservation Research Team on several projects, some short-term, some longer-term. Thematically, these projects are all (more or less) aimed at better understanding the factors that govern the population dynamics of insects important in agricultural production. Topics include modeling the effects of pesticides on bumble bee populations, exploring how parasitoid wasps (important for biological control of insect pests) respond to habitat fragmentation, and (along with colleagues at CSIRO Australia and the University of California) exploring the effects of vegetation diversity on pests and beneficial insects in agroecosystems.
Uppsala cathedral (Domkyrka)
'Fika" (coffee break) is an all-important Swedish tradition!
Stockholm sunset

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